Mirrored Beds

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Did you know that we spend a third of our lives asleep? Because of that, plus all the additional time that we enjoy in our bedrooms, it’s vital that you choose a nice-looking bed that feels good.

In short, a bed is one of the most important investments you can make, both in terms of your own health and the atmosphere in your bedroom.

Putting the mattress to one side, what sort of bed looks nice? We think that a mirrored bed adds a touch of glamour to a bedroom. Mirrored beds ooze class. With glass elements to the side and the headboard, a mirrored bed will give you pure, unadulterated luxury…

… and why not? You’re worth it.

Mirrors combine decadence with sophistication, a sharp style with a sensual, romantic ambience. Think about it. The bed is the first thing that catches the eye upon entering a bedroom and the mirror effect will make your bed a statement piece, something that makes a long-lasting impression.

One of the best things about our range of mirrored beds is that we haven’t forgotten that beds have to serve a purpose. That’s why we have numerous pieces to suit a variety of tastes and budgets.

And don’t forget the other benefits to having a mirrored bed to lay your head. Mirrors make a bedroom feel more airy, so don’t be put off this look if your bedroom is on the smaller side. A mirrored bed will make even the tightest of spaces roomier.

Mirrors also reflect light from natural sources. So when the sun pours in through your bedroom window, your mirrored bed will make the most of it. Likewise, mirrors can work wonders with the light that comes from manufactured sources, such as lamps or candles.

In short, a mirrored bed will make your bedroom more glamorous, but it will still be practical.